Tenting or swelling? (photos)

It's been 3 mo. since my BA. At 5 wks I noticed mild tenting when wearing an underwire bra. My sternum laid completely flat otherwise. I have been wearing a thong bra 24/7 ever since. It has not gotten any worse but has not improved either. I can't tell if my skin is detached from my sternum or if it is just a tiny bit of residual swelling. When I am standing without a bra and press down on my sternum it feels slightlyyyy squishy. I am very thin so before my sternum was just skin and bone.

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Breast augmentation

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You should go back to talk to your surgeon. It is possible to create a synmastia using a push-up type of bra. The thong bra is exactly what you should be wearing right now. It is possible that you can close down the medial capsule at this point, but it is also possible that you might need another procedure.

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Based on your picture while bending over, it does appear that you have some tenting over the sternum in certain positions.  This is not always a bad thing, but could be the start of symmastia.  That is where the implants get too close to each other and actually can almost touch each other underneath the skin.  The best thing to do is to see your surgeon or go for a consultation with a breast revision specialist and see what they have to say.  I hope this helps.

Nice breasts augmentation

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Dear A,     Thanks for submitting your pictures. From observing your picture in the upright position you appear to have a beautiful full C cup size breasts with nice cleavage. I do not see any sign of symmastia from that picture, though from the visible surgical markings , the picture seems to be taken shortly after surgery and things might have changed since.  As far as the bending over, I am not sure about it because none of my patients ( I have done thousands of breasts augmentation surgeries) positioned them selves in that position and I doubt if any surgeon check their patients in that position.   In summary, enjoy your beautiful breasts , if indeed they look today like your picture. Keep close follow up with your surgeon.                                       All the best,                                                   Dr Widder

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