Nurse practitioner says adding more Juvederm through the tear trough could cause blindness?

I had Juvederm in my tear trough one time by a PS and I liked the results and ever since then I go to a nurse practitioner and they always say they can't do that. So I feel like I would like to do it again but they claim it could cause blindness is this true?

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Nurse practitioner says adding more Juvederm through the tear trough could cause blindness?

Thanks for your query. Yes, blindness is a known side effect for filler in the tear trough area but it is highly unlikely that you get it done from an experienced doctor. There is always a risk or side effect from any procedure which you do and can get it done from any qualified doctor. Hope it helps.

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Filler for Tear Troughs

If they don't do the tear trough area than it is likely because of their lack of experience treating this area.  it is best to see a board certified plastic surgeon/derm for this area for optimal outcomes.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Fillers and blindness

Anytime fillers are being applied caution needs to be taken to not enter a blood vessel and inject filler.  Doing so could result in tissue death or blindness.  However, the risks of blindness is fairly low.  I uses a cannula to minimize the risk.  Please follow up with an experienced provider.

Michelle Ellern, DO
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Blindness is a rare occurrence and in the hands of a skilled injector, tear trough injections are very safe.

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Tear tough filler

Tear trough filler can be performed safely. There is a very small risk of blindness more-so from filler done in the glabella (aka "11 lines) between the eyebrows.  I do tear trough injections with a cannula to minimize the risk of bruising and increase the safety of the injections. 

I hope this helps!

Dr. Quenby Erickson

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Nurse practitioner says adding more Juvederm through the tear trough could cause blindness

The risk is small and when done by an experienced physician, is done all of the time with very very small risks of blindness

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Tear Trough Filling & Blindness

Dear sizzorgirl67:

Filler injections to certain areas of the face carry a a very small risk of blindness.  This rare occurrence can be minimized by see an expert injector.  My personal tear trough filler in Canada is Teosyal Redensity II.  All the best.

Praven Chetty, MD
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Juvederm risks

The injection of any filler anywhere carries certain risks.  One of these risks is the injection of the filler into a blood vessel that would block the flow of blood to the tissues, resulting in tissue death.  There is a very small risk, that when injecting around the eye, the filler can be injected into a blood vessel that could result in blindness.  Therefore, it is important to go to a board certified cosmetic surgeon with experience in injecting fillers and who has a good knowledge of the anatomy of the face.  Good luck!

Juvederm vs Restylane for tear trough and risk for blindness

Restylane is a better filler for the tear troughs because it tends to cause less swelling and puffiness than Juvederm.  There is a remote risk of blindness from filler injection anywhere in the face.  Fortunately, this risk is very rare and can be minimized with good injection technique.  I highly recommend using a cannula rather than a sharp needle to inject the filler in the tear troughs.


Dr. Ort

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Tear trough truths

Your question brings up two main questions.  One is that any filler can cause complications.  Vascular occlusion can cause skin breakdown in the cheek or forehead, or blindness when injected by the eye.  The truth is that these events are exceptionally rare. 

The second issue is that Juvederm is not the best choice for filler near the tear trough.  Right now we favor restylane  because it does not carry the risk of long term swelling that Juvederm introduces.  Belotero was too soft and breaks down too fast. 

Overall your question also highlights the importance of finding the right injector.  The comment made by your NP reflects a confidence limit more than a valid concern.  Consider a new provider in the core disciplines of plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, or dermatology

Kevin Robertson, MD
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