Should I swtich from Invisalign to regular braces?

I'm 30 y/o and got Invisalign because I wanted it to be comfortable and invisible. However, it's been difficult to keep the 22hr/day schedule and I know that my case is a difficult one with Invisalign (severe crowding and overbite). The orthodontist recommended it because he has treated many cases, but I feel that I may not get the result that I hope for. Do people ever make the switch, and if so, what are their thoughts in general? What should I consider before switching (other than cost)?

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DNA Appliance is worn 12-14 hours a day and orthopedically corrects maxilla underdevelopment

Consider moving out of tooth movement and into orthopedic growth of the maxilla.  Your final result will be a full wide healthy smile and enough space for all your teeth.  The DNA is probably the best method available currently.  

If best results are more important than just cost you should investigate this option. It is generally agreed that growth and development is always the preferred treatment in children though many dentists and orthodontists are not aware of how effective the DNA Appliance is at creating growth and development in adults.  The SARPE procedure is another option that requires some surgical intervention.

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