Having surgery in April. If I get the band in my stomach, will I still be able to get a tummy tuck?

I weight 230 5'7 its so hard getting this weight off. Wondering if I get the band in my stomach will I still be able to get s tummy tuck

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TT after lap band

Yes, it will still be possible to get a tummy tuck after a lap band. However, it will be important to inform the plastic surgeon of your port if you have one in place. You may want to let your bariatric surgeon know to place the port towards the outside of the rectus muscles. During the muscle repair the muscles are brought closer together which can bring the port towards the middle of your belly.

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TT after lap band surgery

This is a possibility if you are able to reach a healthy weight and are then left with excess skin and fat in the abdomen area. I would recommend getting to an ideal weight and having it stable up to 12 months. Then seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Best of luck on your journey. 

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Tummy Tuck with the Band

When patients have experienced extreme weight loss due to diet and exercise, #gastricbypass surgery, or #stomachstapling  or #lapband surgery, there will be excess body skin that needs removal. In order to correct this problem many patients will need a #TummyTuck surgery, #panniculectomy, or #abdominoplasty.   This is becoming a highly requested procedure among patients who wish to rid themselves of excess skin and tighten muscle in their abdominal area. This procedure can be beneficial for women with loose skin and stretch marks following pregnancy, and patients who have undergone significant weight loss.

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Tummy Tuck after Lap Band Surgery

A lap band can be a great tool for helping people lose weight.  Once patients lose weight, it is very common for the abdomen to be a problem area in terms of loose skin and sometimes residual fat.  A tummy tuck is very common after lap band surgery and does not usually change my technique significantly.  Generally the lap band port is placed in the left upper abdomen in an area that's not exposed during the tummy tuck surgery.  The only modification I may make in a tummy tuck is that I wouldn't use liposuction to contour the area around the port, as doing so could potentially damage it or the connection to your band.

Best wishes in your weight loss journey!

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Tummy Tuck After Gastric Band

If you are healthy, you are at a healthy weight for your height, and you have been stable at your new non-obese weight for 12 months, then you can consider a tummy tuck. Best of luck in your quest to a healthier you!

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Having surgery in April. If I get the band in my stomach, will I still be able to get a tummy tuck?

Before considering a tummy tuck, you need to be at your ideal body weight and fully recovered from your band surgery.  Your plastic surgeon may want a medical clearance from the surgeon treating you for the band surgery.

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