What can be done to straighten my nose and correct my breathing through one nostril? (Photo)

Around 7weeks ago I broke my nose and went to an ent and had surgery to make sure my airway was clear .The ent doctor didn't really bother about the outsude appearance of my nose and even said that there is other time to fix that .My Is still deformed looking and I also can only breath through one nostril now . What can be done about these problems and how much woul theses procedures cost ?

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Secondary surgery is likely needed for residual nasal traumatic deformities.

I am guessing that only a closed reduction of your nasal fracture was performed, and this often is insufficient in correcting all of the deformities. However, it is quite possible to address the remaining problems with a secondary surgery, in essence a complete septorhinoplasty. Insurance will usually cover most of these costs, but discuss it with your surgeon, who should be an experienced, board certified ENT and / or facial plastic surgeon in my opinion. There may be some more complex reconstructive techniques involvrd.

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Correcting your nose.

Hi Franco,  You had a broken nose that was not put back in place.  Surgery to correct both the appearance and your breathing problems can and should be done at the same time It would involve rebreaking your nose to straighten it and also straightening the septum.  There are other things that may need to be done to correct the problems with your nose.These would be discussed during a consultation.  The cost will vary depending on how much insurance will cover.  Both the appearance and the breathing problems are very correctable so you should have them done.  Hope this helps.

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septoplasty for breathing issues and rhinoplasty to straighten the nose

 Trauma to the nose can result in a fracture of the nasal bones, and a fracture of the septum causing a deviated septum and obstruction of air flow. To repair the airflow issue, a septoplasty may be required. To straighten the nasal bones, osteotomies are performed along with a hump reduction. For many examples, more information and our price list, please see the link below

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Nasal fracture and repair

It looks like you will need a formal rhinoplasty to try to re-align your nose. At this point you will have to wait about 6 months to allow things to heal before undergoing surgery. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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How to straighten my nose after a fracture?

Dear Franco,
Thank you for your post.  The best time to fix a nasal fracture is within a week or so of it happening.  After that the nasal bones fuse in their fractured position.  At this point, osteotomies need to be performed, (carefully re-breaking the nasal bones with a very small chisel and hammer.  Once re-broken, the bones can be repositioned and splinted.  After that, commonly a refinement is performed where any irregularities are shaved off.
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