Can I straighten my bottom teeth only?

Is it possible to only straighten your bottom teeth?

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Bottom teeth

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Yes, it is possible to only straighten one arch in your mouth. However you need a comprehensive evaluation and examination to determine. Please visit a qualified provider in your area.All the best,

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Straighten Bottom Teeth Only?

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It is possible to just straighten your lower teeth.  However there are many factors to consider when treating a single arch such as your bite relationship and the possibility that the position of the upper teeth may interfere with the movement of the lower teeth. 

I would recommend having a consult with an orthodontist to discuss your concerns and treatment options.  There are many different treatment modalities that are available and they will provide the optimal treatment recommendation.  If your concerns are limited to the anterior part of the arch, there are some limited lingual (behind the teeth) options and limited clear aligner systems (invisalign® express) that you may want to consider.  

I hope this information was helpful. 

Benjamin Cassalia, DMD, MSD
Doylestown Orthodontist

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