Stitches for weir alar base reduction haven't dissolved 6 months post rhino?

I don't believe my alar base stitches have dissolved throughly and I'm nearly 6 months post op. I can feel them all the time and they're especially uncomfortable when I'm waking up. It feels horrible. Externally my alar base looks okay (asides from when I smile or make expressions, it looks tight then). Internally it feels irritating and sore. I can't take it anymore. What can I do? Ive asked my surgeon but he continues to brush off this issue and only tells me to "wait." Thanks.

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Sutures post rhinoplasty

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Unfortunately, depending on the stitches that were used they can take between 6-9 months to dissolve.  You are likely feeling the knots at this time.  It is often better to let them dissolve on their own rather than going digging trying to get them out.  That being said, if your body is reacting to them and taking its time dissolving them, keep an eye on them as you certainly do not want excess inflammation to form any scar tissue.  Best of luck.  Keep your PS up to date on any changes.  

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