Is there a way to get softer breasts even though my pecs are very tight?

I'm a massage therapist. I got my subpectoral BA on January 5. My doctor said they look great as I have been doing self massage to loosen them up. But now that Im back at work and doing 20+ massages a week, my pecs are extremely tight again and my breasts are hard. They feel very unnatural all over again. I went from an A cup to a full C so I have little natural breast tissue. Might this get better? What do women who weight lift do? Besides the obvious, which is stretching regularly.

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Tights muscles after breast augmentation

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It sounds like stretching and massaging your breasts will help.  Be sure your are not getting a capsular contracture and follow-up with your plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

Pec Muscle Tight After #BreastAugmentation

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From your description, it seems you are still relatively early in the recovery phase. You may be over using the chest muscles and perhaps you should slow down on the amount of work you are doing. Follow the instructions of your surgeon to better assess your situation. 

Continue to follow up with your surgeon to ensure that you progress as planned.
Best of luck,
Vincent Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Softness after Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for your question. I would almost think that with your occupation you have fairly thick and developed pec muscles. I would suggest continuing to do your displacement exercises and also stretching to relax the pec muscles. If this still becomes an issue for you, then make an appointment to see your Surgeon for advice. Best of luck to you.

Tight chest muscles after augmentation.

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Since your augmentation was only this past Jan you have a way to go until the tissue relaxes and conforms with the breast implant. Self massage can help, but for all it will take time and things should get better for you.

Tight pectoral muscles

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At only 8 weeks post op, strenuous upper body exertion including giving massages or massaging yourself may be causing some inflammation and tightening your pectoral muscles. This puts pressure down and outward on your implants. I recommend that you discuss your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon and have an in person exam to rule out any underlying issues which could be causing increased breast firmness.

All the best

Tightness of Pectoralis muscle

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In my experience, even in the most fit women who lift weights, eventually the breast implant wins and the contour of the muscle is more rounded because of the softening of the tension in the pectoralis muscle. If your breasts still feel firm to you, something else may be at play. Early capture contracts are certainly a possibility although it's usually never bilaterally at the same time. Sometimes fluid retention or a more stiff feeling implant like an overfilled saline or an Allergan 410 can feel more firm and yet the capsule is quite soft. I recommend you go back to your operating plastic surgeon to be evaluated. Good luck. A

Tightness and hard breasts after augmentation also has to do with recovery time

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The first thing to note is that you are barely 8 weeks out from surgery.  Given that alone, you have to expect that your tissues are still swollen and tight.  Doing vigorous massage on yourself, let alone other people, or working out the pectoralis muscles will only make this worse in the early going.  Plus, we haven't even discussed what type of implants you have.  If they are overfilled saline implants or highly cohesive ("gummy bear") gel, we can expect those to be a bit firmer, too, especially with little overlying breast tissue to camouflage them.  The one thing that also needs to be ruled out is early capsule contracture, because if that is the cause of the firmness, we can oftentimes intervene with medication and prevent it from worsening.  My best advice is to follow up with your surgeon sooner rather than later so that he or she can examine you and evaluate the whole situation and advise you accordingly.  Then be sure to follow your surgeon's advice, especially about activity level.  In the absence of a problem like fluid around an implant or capsule contracture, it can take a few months for tissues to begin to soften and feel more natural.  Good luck.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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