Is it ok to have slight friction on eyelid 5 weeks after ptosis surgery?

I had ptosis surgery 5 weeks ago. Yesterday, my eyelid accidentally had slightly friction with my left arm while I'm sleeping, no pain occurred after that. Should I worried about it?

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Eyelid ptosis postop care

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Pulling on the lids can certainly affect the results of a ptosis repair and can be used to create symmetry if one lid is higher than the other, however after 5 weeks it usually takes direct pulling or rubbing on the lid for you to see any change. So I do not think what you are describing will have any long term effect. However, if you notice that one lid has changed position I would suggest seeing your surgeon.

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Any pulling on the lid after ptosis surgery could effect the result. You want to be very careful not to pull on the lid or it could become ptotic again. Hopefully your "friction" won't effect your result.Andrew Campbell, M.D.Facial Plastic SpecialistQuintessa Aesthetic Centers

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Ptosis Surgery Recovery

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Thanks for the question.  Slight friction after a ptosis repair should not result in any damage to the repair.  Unless there is an appreciable difference in upper eyelid position since the event I would not be worried.

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