Will the skin on my nose heal?

I'm just over 14 weeks post rhinoplasty and the skin on my nose still isn't back to normal. It peels off in some spots. It's not super noticeable and it doesn't look like a sunburn peel or anything but I notice it and the skin in some places on my nose won't take to make up. I know it seems silly but it's frustrating bc my whole face is tan and then I have these red spots on my nose that can hardly be covered. Will the skin go back to normal? If so, how long until it does?

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Nasal skin healing after rhinoplasty

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It can take up to one year for the skin to become completely normal after a rhinoplasty.  During this time they can be breakouts, erythema, swelling.


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Post rhinoplasty and skin isn't back to normal.

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The skin of the nose will be particularly sun sensitive the first season after your procedure. Your face might be tan though your nose will typically burn easily and tend to peel. Give yourself extra protection care and time.

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Skin Healing

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Thank you for your question.

Without pictures, it is a little difficult to say what may be going on or the expected course.  From what you are describing, it is likely a temporary occurrence as your skin adjusts, and should go back to normal with time.  Please continue to follow closely with your surgeon and follow their recommendations.

Dr. Michael Epstein
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