Possible seroma after hematoma? (photos)

I had my breast augmentation on May 19th 2016. Since then I have had two minor hematomas and both times I had it surgically evacuated. My third surgery/ 2nd surgical evacuation was yesterday. My surgeon inserted a JP drain because he said that I was oozing. Last night and today the drainage looks like raspberry juice, somewhat cloudy. I am afraid that I have a seroma. Does this look like drainage from a seroma? Do cases like mine end well? How do seromas form?

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The drain will be removing serous fluid which can accumulate as a result of inflammation/trauma. The colour will be pink/purple due to trace amounts of blood. Talk with your Plastic Surgeon about your concerns and instructions for healing.

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Sorry you've had a rough go since your procedure.  
A seroma is a collection of serous fluid around your implants. The JP drain left by your surgeon is to drain that fluid and not allow it to accumulate.  In the beginning, it always has the color your describe.  The more comes out on the drain, the less likely it accumulates around your implants.  
Discuss further with your surgeon but I would not be worried about a seroma as long as the drain is in.

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