Can Sculptra results be modified? Had 1 vial of scluptra injected 4 weeks ago face is so puffy my smile has unnaturally widened?

36 yr F. Few acne scars on right cheek. Plastic surgeon used juvederm to fill the scars. Loved the result but only lasted a few months. Asked Doctor about a little juvederm in my cheeks to give the lift of smiling without smiling. Doctor recommended scluptra to give my cheeks a rounded appearance. Based on his previous recommendation I got 1 vial of scluptra injected. Due to acne scar doc injectioned right cheek 2xs and left side 1x. Right side so full couldn't move side of my face. Very Unhappy

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Sculptra results

Dear Brooke,Sculptra is unlike other fillers in that the results typically are built up over time and the final result is a combination of the amount of product injected and your body's response to the product. I think that you should see your doctor and discuss the results with him and hopefully there are photos that you can compare.I hope this helps!Dr. Quenby Erickson

Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon
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Reverse the effect of Sculptra

Dear Brooke,

Unlike many other instant fillers, the effects of Sculptra
cannot be reversed (although we can break its lump with steroid injection).
However, Sculptra is given over a series of injection over time and unbalanced
results can be adjusted and corrected throughout the course of consecutive
injections. The best is to do a follow up with your physician or any
other cosmetic physician who is highly experienced with Sculptra to
adjust it. Hope it helps and good luck!

Elham Jafari, MD

Elham Jafari, MD
Irvine Physician
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Sculptra and Unhappy with Results

I suggest you see an expert this can be improved but may need a series of treatments.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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