Scar removal, the stitches were left in my wound. Is it normal for a surgeon to leave the stitch? Do they come out on their own?

I got a scar removal surgery On 5/17/2014 so when I got my stitches removed one week later. I noticed the surgeon left some stitches that he may have not seen so i removed them very carefully, or my skin would of healed over them. I went for a check up one month later he said they would make their way out, is it true? Now two months in i just noticed I still had half an inch or more of a stitch inside off my skin. Is this normal to leave a stitch like that? Or did my surgeon not care?

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Stitches in Scar After Surgery

Typically sutures that are to dissolve on their own, are not seen and ones that are to be removed are seen.  They should have all been removed at the suture removal visit.  If they are still in the wound after all this time, they are providing no function and could cause more problems such as suture granulomas or worsening scar.  I suggest having them reevaluated and removed.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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