Are there any risks or legalities when surgeons use CRNA Vs m.d anesthesiologist?

An anesthesiologist's role is just as important as a surgeons during BBL, just wondering if surgeons have a preference & If it's just as safe using CRNA Vs m.d anesthesiologist?

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Either a CRNA nurse anesthetist or MD anesthesiologist can provide care during a BBL. Your surgeon is comfortable with who he/she works with, so they are your best guide. If you have concern, meet with the anesthesia person in advance of your surgery so you know who will be taking care of you during the procedure. Ask all your questions until you are comfortable with their expertise. Best of luck.

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Anesthesiologist versus CRNA

In the end it's the talent of the provider weather and M.D. or an RN who is performing the Anastasia that matters.
There are significant legal differences.
There has to be a Doctor Who oversees and is ultimately responsible for the work of the CRNA.
The training for both is a rigorous one.
I would not choose your plastic surgeon based on the anesthesiologist.
You may want to ask your plastic surgeon how long they've worked with their anesthetist or anesthesiologist and what their thoughts are.
The only time I had general anesthesia  it was given by a nurse anesthetist.
Obviously I woke up and did fine after my procedure.
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Thank you for your question.
You are very astute in knowing that anesthesia is as important as the operation, and possibly even more-so.  BBL can be performed safely with either a CRNA or an M.D. Anesthesiologist looking after you.  It's just that in the case of a CRNA, there is a doctor that is technically ultimately responsible for the anesthesia and any complications that arise (usually your actual surgeon).  In our practice, we have chosen to use board certified anesthesiologists to look after you during and after the procedure.  Hope this is helpful.

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