What should I do to get rid of the square, high look? I wanted the "natural" look. (Photo)

Started out 32A placed 375 CC Natrelle Inspira Ultra High profile under the muscle. 1 week 1 day post op. I know this is the critical time for healing and placement. I was told to "massage" grab the upper portion of breast hold for 5-8 secs; 5 times, 3 times a day. Is there anything else I can do to make sure they don't stay high and tight? I definitely wanted the "natural" look and this is far from it. I've just seen a few whose implants actually stayed looking like this and that terrifies me.

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It is normal for breast implants early on to be riding high

Hello and thank you for your question. Congratulations on getting breast augmentation. My advice to you is to hang in there, as your breasts will look even better, but you need to be patient as your implants settle. Looking at your pictures, your implants are riding high. This is because right now it is VERY early and they are squished by the activation of your pectoralis major muscle and tissue swelling due to the inflammatory response after surgery. Once they are in their final position and lower pole of your breasts are not as tight, your breasts will appear even larger and rounder but less swollen up top; usually this process occurs as the pectoralis major muscle relaxes and the implants are no longer squeezed upward and settle into their ideal position. This process usually takes 1-3 months, but can take up to 6 months. Also, make sure to relay your concerns to your plastic surgeon as most value the patient-doctor relationship and want to be first in line to help their patients. I think you will be super happy once your implants have fallen into position. Please be patient and hopefully this helps alleviate some of your concerns.


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