Revisions, round 2, etc? (Photo)

Why are revisions needed and a round two? Why can't it be done right the first time? The very thought of going through all this discomfort and pain again gives me pause!!! I don't want to, I wish it was done to my expectations in the first place! Why can't it be done the first time without revisions or round 2? Is it about money?

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Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

Hello, and thanks for the question. From the looks of the photos, it seems you may be fairly early post op, and things will likely continue to improve for 6 months or more after surgery. Swelling sometimes takes months to resolve, so try not to make any major decisions until then. Though it is unusual, some patients may opt to have additional surgery to correct/improve on things after their first surgery. Most of the time, I have discussed potential issues with the patient prior to the first surgery. For instance, if a patient wants only liposuction and fat transfer to the buttock, but really needs a tummy tuck too, we will discuss the possibility of adding the tummy tuck, or performing it as a second surgery later. Other issues may not be as easy to predict, such as the degree of skin contraction after liposuction in certain areas. In these cases, it is also better to mention the possibility of less than optimal results before the first procedure so there won't be any surprises. For now, better to wait until things have settled down and softened and make decisions from there. Discuss these things with your surgeon as your recovery continues.

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Wants more dramatic result from buttock augmentation

It looks like there are several places on your torso, waist and inner thigh where a lot more fat could be harvested. Part of getting a great body shape after this operation is using the liposuction to form the curves around the buttocks (for shaping) and then increasing the volume with injection of the harvested fat. The method of harvesting and processing the fat for injection are also critical, in that it makes the difference between the fat cells living or dying.

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Revisions, round 2, etc?

 I definitely think that some surgeons can generate much better results on a much more consistent basis. However, individual differences in anatomy and healing make predicting outcomes difficult.  My goal in every surgery is to create as dramatic an outcome on the table as possible.

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