Revision rhinoplasty using rib cartilage? (photos)

Hi. I got my rhinoplasty 7years ago in Asia. They used L shaped silicone implants to higher the bridge of my nose which I want it to be replaced with rib cartilage now. Also I have hanging ala. I live in Chicago area and have seen several plastic surgeons who didn't want to use my rib cartilage and just want to put my ear cartilage over my silicone implant to refine the tip. So I'm looking for a plastic surgeon who can use rib cartilage for revision rhinoplasty. Give me your best advises. thanks

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Revision Rhinoplasty Using Rib Graft

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In answer to your question, rib cartilage can be used to replace a silicone implant that was used for dorsal augmentation of the nose. However, a newer innovation may be of interest to you.  It involves removing only the superficial cartilage of the rib, leaving the posterior portion of the rib intact.  This harvested rib cartilage is then minced into very fine pieces and wrapped in fascia harvested from the temporalis muscle.  The 2.5 inch incision used to harvest the temporalis muscle is hidden behind the hairline in the scalp, so it is extremely inconspicuous and well hidden.  Once this diced cartilage wrapped in temporalis fascia is placed on the nasal dorsum, it can be molded to the appropriate shape and contour.  Within two weeks of the surgery, it becomes as firm and hard as a bone graft.  However, the pain at the site of the cartilage harvest is much less than that associated with the  complete removal of a rib graft.

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