Revision Rhinoplasty - a deviated bridge. Is it complicated since my first surgeon didn't fix it?

How do you fix a bridge that slants to one side and isn't mid line? I've already had a previous septo rhinoplasty with osteotomies but it hasn't changed the slant. Is it complicated since my first surgeon didn't (or should I say couldn't due to his incompetence?) fix it?

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Crooked nose- how hard is it to straighten the nose?

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Hi there, Thank you for your question.Straightening a nose is one of the most complicated tasks in rhinoplasty. We can often make significant improvement, but it can be hard to get a perfectly straight nose. The bridge might be crooked because of the nasal bones being crooked or because of the cartilages that are attached to the bones being crooked or often both. Perfectly straightening the nose is hard because we can only reshape the bones and cartilage to a certain extent. Fore example, doing osteotomies we can move the bones but we don't entirely reshape the whole bone. Additionally, the skin has been used to being in a slanted position and need to stretch to a midline position. My recommendation would be that you seek consultations with rhinoplasty surgeons so that you can better understand what is giving your nose the slant and what would be involved in a revision surgery to straighten the nose.Hope this helps! Good luck

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Revision Rhinoplasty for crooked nose

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A revision rhinoplasty can accomplish straightening the crooked nose. To straighten crooked nasal bones requires osteotomies placed in them. To straighten the mid-portion of the nose requires spreader grafts placed on the concave side. A tip rhinoplasty with asymmetric cartilage grafting and/or cartilage removal is required to straighten the nasal tip. For more information and many rhinoplasty before-and-afters  for crooked nose repair, please see link and the video below

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