What happens with repeated microneedling to an area that has no "problem" (no wrinkles, scars, etc) can it just "plump it"?

Really want to avoid any kind of filler or surgery due to health and personal reasons, but there's an area of my face I'd like to "lift" or add collagen to it making the area "grow" if that makes sense. Really desperate because it looks really bad and no options left (fillers are completely out of the question in ANY circumstance whatsoever... not gonna make the same mistake twice). Thank you

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Microneedling is a great alternative treatment to stimulate collagen and improve the the skin without using dermal fillers. Best, Dr Faraz

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Microneedling to "plump" the skin.

Yes, microneedling can be an excellent option to add volume to the skin.  It works to stimulate your own, natural collagen formation.  It will not be as dramatic as a filler, but still should help give some fresh look to your skin. 

Other options would be to add PRP.  This is protein rich plasma, spun from your own blood.  It has healthy, reparitive proteins which again can help thicken your skin and stimulate collagen formation.

Last, if volume is a huge issue, you can always consider a fat transplant.  Find someone experienced with this, but again, since it is your own bodies tissue, it will not cause reactions or other issues.

Good luck to you,

Dr. Powell

Scott Powell, MD
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