Repair my left earlobe, it is split. Any suggestions? (photos)

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Ear lobe reconstruction cost

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Costs vary depending on the region, the surgeon , and the extent of the procedure.  Call several Board Certified Plastic Surgeon's in your area, they should be able to quote you over the phone with an appoximate cost.

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Ear lobe reconstruction cost

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Ear Lobe surgery cost varies significantly for a number of good reasons: Prices vary greatly because the surgery itself encompasses a wide range of techniques that can be performed to different extents. My recommendation is to first find the most qualified surgeons where you want the surgery performed that are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or Facial Plastic Surgeon you trust, then compare prices between them. See the below link on suggestions on how to find the most qualified plastic surgeon for your procedure. General Factors that influence the price of plastic surgery include:

1. Location - Most procedures will be performed in a doctor’s office where costs can be contained. If not will it be performed in a hospital or an independent out- patient facility? Geographical location also has a significant influence. RealSelf has average charges for most areas of the USA.

2. Type of Anesthesia – local anesthesia is typical and less costly. If IV sedation or General Anesthesia is used: Will a board certified anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, or an RN be used?

3. Experience and training of your surgeon. The best and longest trained is most often a plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

4. Length and Complexity of Surgery - how difficult will your surgery be and how long it will take, etc.


Split earlobe repair

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TornEarlobes can occur when an earing is caught on something pulling it through the lobe. This will result in a #SplitEarlobe or #CleftEarlobe.

What type of anesthesia is used?
Generally these procedures are performed under local anesthetic and require 15 to 30 minutes depending upon how complex the particular case is. These are in-office , out-patient procedures.

How long does it take to heal?
Early healing for #earlobeReduction occurs in the first week. I use dissolving sutures. I don’t use any bandages.
How much does this cost?
Earlobe reduction usually cost between $500 and $1500 dollars depending upon the complexity of the correction, the surgeons experience, and city in which the surgery is being performed. 

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Ear lobe surgery

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Yes,  it appears that your earlobe is split. And this is a very common occurrence. I would suggest you find a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area who can repair this in the office. It is done under local Anastasia and it will be repaired so that you probably will never be able to tell that you had a tear!Good luck! 

Mark T. Boschert, MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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Ear Lobe Repair

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Thank you for your interest in ear lobe repair! I am more than happy to assist you with your question.

Having a torn/stretched earlobe is pretty common occurrence.This is a minor procedure that can be performed in a plastic surgeon's office under local anesthesia.The procedure is about 1 hour in length from start to finish.

My recommendation is to consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your cosmetic goals and how to proceed. 

Best wishes!


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This is an easy fix, any surgeon can do it, (not just a plastic surgeon).  Don't let them rip you off.  It takes 5-10 minutes. Jane

Split lobes

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can easily be repaired under local in the office.  Find a local board certified/eligible surgeon in your community and schedule a consultation.  If price is an issue, make calls to offices first so you know what you're looking at.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Repair my left earlobe, it is split. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for the question.
“Split” earlobes can be easily reconstructed under local anesthesia with minimal risk and recovery time. It is important to re-approximate the curved earlobe precisely to avoid step off or other visible deformity. You will find lots of examples of this procedure performed on this website, and on the attached link as well. I would suggest a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.
Best wishes.

Repair a split ear lobe

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Thank you for asking about your ear lobe repair.

  • Minor surgery is needed to correct the tear.
  • Please see a plastic surgeon.
  • If you wear heavy earrings, the lobe may tear again.
  • I pierce all my patients ears at the time of the repair at the exact place it should go -
  • And have them wear the light stud for 6 weeks without changing it.
  • After that , they can wear the earrings they want, knowing that wire loops and heavy drop earrings or just heavy earrings will stretch and tear the lobe.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

Torn ear lobe

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A torn earlobe is a very common occurrence.  It can certainly happen when the earring itself is too heavy or when the earring is accidentally pulled down traumatically.  Although the repair is straightforward and can be done under local anesthesia in the office setting, it can be somewhat tricky and you definitely should go to someone who is very familiar with ear/earlobe reconstruction.  Good luck!

Sunny Park, MD, MPH
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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