Can I remove my saline implants while breastfeeding? How soon after surgery could I pump or breastfeed? (photos)

I have almost 6 year old 420cc implants (through armpit). Was 34A/36B pre implant, went up to 36C/34D after. I am currently breastfeeding my newborn, but cannot stand the overengorgement from milk supply (which also causes vasospasm, very painful), and go up to 36D/36DD. I would really like it done under local anesthesia. What are my removal options while breastfeeding with most minimal scaring and damage to breast tissue? Is internal lift possible without damaging breast tissue and milk ducts?

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Timing of surgery

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It is best that you wait 3-6 months after cessation of breastfeeding before proceeding with implant removal with a lift under general anesthesia.  If you prefer to have it under local only, it can be done sooner, but it is still best to wait until you are finished breastfeeding due to risk of infection.

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Breast feeding and implants

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While saline implants can be deflated under local, there is still a risk of infection in doing so.  I would not recommend doing this while you are breast feeding.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Removal of saline breast implants while breast feeding

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Removal of saline breast implants can be done under local anesthesia.  An incision made under the breast would be a good choice in your case, as it's a bit easier to numb and less likely to disrupt milk ducts than an arm pit or an around the areola incision.  The local anesthesia would be cleared from your system within a few hours, so you probably wouldn't need to wait more than a day or so before resuming breast feeding (talk with your pediatrician for their recommendations).  One concern I would have is the potential of your baby's saliva causing a wound infection.  I would not do any sort of lift until at least 3 months (and preferably 6 months) after you're done breast feeding.  An alternative would be to intentionally puncture your saline implants and allow the saline to be absorbed by your body, which wouldn't require any anesthesia and wouldn't disrupt your breast feeding at all.  Once you're done breast feeding, you can have your deflated implants removed with or without replacement and a lift could be done at that time as well.

Can I remove my saline implants while breastfeeding? How soon after surgery could I pump or breastfeed?

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In the situation you describe, a simple needle deflation will fix the problem, then the implants can be removed at a later time. 

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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