Should I remove one of my two bottom molars.

I got a root canal a year ago but didn't finish the care plan and it had only a temporary cover. My tooth cracked, when I return to the dentist they said I had to re do the procedure which is a big amount of money plus the rest of the treatment (crown lengthening and the actual crown). I am considering taking out my tooth but not sure if that's the best solution. I only have one premolar and two molars on that side. Which will leave me with one molar.

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Consider an Implant and crown

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Usually a neglected and compromised root canal tooth is dying a slow death and will fail anyway. I would recommend exploring the option of extraction and restoration with an implant and crown at this point.  You may need to have a bone graft to make the site good for implant placement.  You would have had to do a build up and crown on the root canal treated tooth anyway, but it looks like that option is no longer the best to proceed with.Douglas Jopling, DDS

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