What Would Be Recommended for my Face? (photo)

Hello, I'm wondering what would be reccomended for me in terms of cosmetic surgery/procedures? I have the following concerns: 1. My chin appears recessed. 2. My nose and nostrils are too large. 3. My eyelids hang down too far. 4. The dark circles under my eyes. Thank you for taking the time to look!

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Nose and chin

The pictures show overly projected nose and under projecting  chin. A rhinoplasty and chin implant would be the best option to give better facial balance. The rhinoplasty procedure would involve de-projecting the nose, straightening the bridge line and removing the hump. A single or double spreader graft will be required for the patient's right side to build up the concavity noted over the right upper lateral cartilage. A chin implant would be placed through a submental incision  to give more jawline projection. for example similar  to your own nose and chin please see our  link below. Virtual rhinoplasties offers also available our website for you to see what  Your nose and chin might look like.

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