How often can you have radio frequency skin tightening on a specific area. Can I treat 2-3 areas at once?

Will treating saddle bags and face on the same day or alternating days affect the efficacy of the treatments? Can the body build collagen in multiple places at the same time?

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How invasive are you looking to go?

It depends on whether you're considering a minimally invasive or non-invasive procedure; either way, the body can influence collagen production and reaction in multiple areas at the same time.

Minimally invasive RF involves injection of tumescent fluid and introduction of a small cannula that will gently heat the tissue. This causes contraction of the collagen fibers and shrinkage of the overlying skin. This procedure inherently involves multiple passes at varying depths and multiple areas can be treated at the same time.

Non-invasive (external) RF such as Forma, ThermiSmooth, etc. allow for multiple areas to be treated and more than once. However, these options require multiple visits to achieve significant results. 

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