How can I prevent an indented scar from forming on my eyelid from a deep gash by a cat gouge? (photo)

The scratch occurred two days ago at 7am. My mother help my eyelid together so it would coagulate. I woke up 5 hours later and for 2-4 hours I put petroleum jelly on it, because I read that keeping it moist promoted collagen growth. It destroyed the scab. I read somewhere else to keep it dry and to leave a scab alone. So I've left it alone with nothing on it. I believe it closed because alcohol doesn't sting it. I keep blinking- I don't know how it would heal without a deep scar. I

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Hello sefee, 

Thank you for your question and photo. 

Without examining you, physically feeling the tissue, assessing your desired outcome, taking a full medical history, and discussing the pros and cons of any treatments it is difficult to be comprehensive.

Given the mechanism of the injury you are more likely to have  scar in that location.

I would recommend actually cleaning any scabs away from the scratches and then applying a moisturizing lubricant 4 x daily.   A moist wound heals faster and better than a scabbed dry wound.

I would also make sure the cat did not scratch your actual eye as well.  If you have pain in the eye I would recommend seeking out care to makes sure the lens of the eye is not scratched (corneal abrasion).

As the scar matures in the next few months you will have more options to revise the scars if they are prominent.   It appears these will be in locations that are not noticeable when the eye is open.

Hope this helps. 

Dr. Shadfar

Edmond Facial Plastic Surgeon
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