Pain after lipo and pec implants.

I had lipo and pec implants done Jan 2106, revision Feb after complaint of the implants in my armpits - couldn't lower my arms without a lot pain. Questioned why the pec implants were so high up, with my nipples not under the implants. Assured implants would drop once healed and everything would be fine. 9 months out and my nipples are still about 1/2" below the bottom of the implants and I still cannot lay on either side or stomach without pain. Is this normal? My doctor is board-certified

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My nipples are much lower than the implant after pec implant surgery: can this be corrected?

Thank you for your question.

Having pictures would help us tremendously, if you could.

The NAC (nipple-areolar complex) should be approximately 1,5 - 2cm above the inferior pec line, i.e. above inferior edge of the implant.  So yes, your implants might still be high.  So now after 9 months, there has been a capsule of collagen securing the implants to the ribcage and the implants cannot move down any longer.  

In a female with breast implants, this could be caused also by a capsular contracture.  It is possible for pec implant as well, yet extremely rare as the implants are solid in North America and hard to deform (I still have to see one in my practice).

Either way, one has to go back in and open the capsule inferiorly, which is not the easiest via an underarm approach unless your plastic surgeon is equipped with endoscopic instruments... Opening the capsule inferiorly would allow the implant to descend... and I would then suggest wearing a compression velcro-band for several weeks post op to help the implant to take its new position.

In a way, it is a slightly easier problem to fix than an implant that is now sitting too low, allowing 5-6cm between the inferior edge and the NAC, making the implant look like female breasts.

Hope this helps.

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Repositioning of pectoral implants that are to hide.

Even with the best of intentions the surgeon can end up with pack implants that are too high. If they interrupt the excursion of the pectoralis muscle this might explain the discomfort. Discuss this with your surgeon.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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