Can you do osteotomies again during Revision Rhinoplasty?

So my nose was crooked, and my doctor did break the bones but broke them without straightening them so my nose is still as crooked as it was. Can you break the bones again during revision rhinoplasty? My nasal bones are pretty narrow know, if I stick my hand in my nostril I can feel them when I couldn't before. Is there any risks in doing osteotomies again?

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Osteotomies During Revision Rhinoplasty

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Osteotomies are frequently done as part of revision rhinoplasty. You mention that your bones are now pretty narrow, but this will not interfere with repositioning them. In fact sometimes the bones are made wider if necessary. Your nose cannot be too narrow if you can "stick your hand in your nostril".

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Rhinoplasty revision and osteotomies

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Thanks for this question.  It is certainly part of the revision rhinoplasty discussion as to whether osteotomies are necessary. They can definitely be done again and in the same or different locations in order to try and obtain the desired aesthetic outcome. In roughly 60-70% of my revision rhinoplasties, I perform new osteotomies even though previously they were done. Hope this helps. 

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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It is possible to re fracture a the nasal bones during a revisional surgery. Secondary surgery after rhinoplasty is more difficult than primary surgery.

Osteotomies during revision surgery

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Yes, during revision rhinoplasty osteotomies can be performed again to reposition the nasal bones. Of course this is a decision that is made on a case by case basis. Without seeing your photos and performing an in-person exam, it is difficult to weigh in on what may be necessary for your nose. Good luck!

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