What do I have to do in order to see changes in last 10 months of my treatment?

I have to wear it for 16months-38 invisaligns-and now this is my 15th inviaslign. 2of my teeth has been broken in last 2months, now there is only root left.My dentist told me I need root canal. I have told my dentist that there isn’t any result I can notice but she said after I finished wearing  this in 1year and half, I have to wear it again for another 10months. Also don’t expect the same result shown on my 3D image because it s not practical and 1of her patient hasbeen wearing extra 10months.

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Refinement with Invisalign #DrSoftTouch

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I always tell my patients that there will most likely be a few more aligners after the first phase. Needing a refinement after finishing your first round of trays is normal. I would recommend speaking with your Invisalign provider to find out exactly why another 10 months of treatment is necessary and take another look at your Clin Check so you'll have a better idea of your final result.  I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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