What options does someone who had expanders, then radiation, then a swap out surgery have if they don't like their profile size?

6+ years after diagnosis I HATE the way I look.I just turned 40-really don't want to look like this anymore.The implant of the radiated side has shifted & has been pulled towards my underarm.I no longer have a profile.I did a fat transfer but it didn't really do anything.My surgeon says I'm not going to look like before-ha-I was 33 when diagnosed, low body fat and I maybe filled a small B on a good day.Now, I don't even fill an a cup.Don't want to do dflap, but do I have any other options?

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Breast Reconstruction Revison

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Most difficult cases involve the matching of a breast or breast reconstruction after radiation treatment.   You should give more consideration to potential flap options to provide tissue to the area that has not been radiated.

Radiation is tricky!

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Thanks for the great questions. I'm sorry your frustrated with the size and shape of your breast. There are some other options, although it is difficult to give you an idea of what those may be without seeing you in person. Sometimes fat grafting needs to be dome multiple times before there is a significant change in the volume of the breast. If you're implant is not in the correct position, then this is something that should be able to be fixed. I always recommend that patients see another plastic surgeon for a second opinion if they are not happy. Hang in there and best of luck!

~Dr. Sieber

Unhappy with reconstruction

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I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty you are having with your reconstruction.  It is difficult to say what exactly can be done to improve the appearance without a flap procedure.  Sometimes fat take can be enhanced in radiated patients with the addition of PRP.  Technique is also important to maximize take.  Consult with a plastic surgeon who does these procedures frequently.  

Kelly Killeen, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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