Please offer an opinion as to what is going on, at a complete loss. Near 8 months post full TT w/ MR, no lipo. (Photo)

At 6 month post visit my surgeon explained fullness and distended stomach as GI issues and said I had a great result and my expectations were too high. I was devastated! Went to family and GI Dr. Ran multiple tests, NO GI issues! I am healthy! Have lost weight post op, PS tried for seroma once at 1 month, nothing. Scar is painful, below BB very hard, BB and above gets very uncomfortable and full. Sides very rounded, looks as though pregnant. I know this cannot be right, please help! Thanks

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Too early to judge outcome

In some patients it can take well more than 8 months to see the swelling go away completely.  This has nothing to do with your surgeon or your body. It just is what it is.  However, you can help by avoiding things that cause swelling.  If you do your daily activities and there is no swelling, then you are doing great.  If you cause swelling every day , then it is much harder to break this cycle and the swelling will be prolonged.  Wear compression.  Watch your physical activity.  Do low impact cardio if that does not cause swelling.  Diet.  Be patient.  The ,muscle repair did not fail.  The outcome looks good.  The pain in the scar is normal.   The firmness below the belly button is normal.  Things should improve with time.

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8 months postop

Some patients can hold onto swelling longer than others--it can take a full year after surgery to resolve and have the operated tissues soften. Review your course and your frustrations with you operating surgeon. Explain your negative GI work up. If they are at a loss to explain what is going on, ask them to refer you to a colleague to get a second opinion.

Paul M. Parker, MD, FACS
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You need in person examination

It would be helpfult to know:
-how many weeks of absolute immobility off work and without any weight lift did you keep?
-how many weeks did you wear the compression and support corset in the postop?

One possibility if failure of muscle repair, but other is insufficiency of such repair; also chronic seroma must be ruled out.

You need in person opinions of very very good and really experienced surgeons.

Alejandro Nogueira, MD
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