Is it normal to have blisters re-occur after laser treatment?

Im on my second week of my first laser treatment and i had very minimal blistering that healed up completly until yesterday i took a improtu walk and tried to keep the tattoos out of the sun but came back and now have more blisters. Is this ok or should i worry?

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Blisters after Laser Treatment

Please be patient with the healing process after a laser or light treatment. For example, in my office we use broad band light to treat acne lesions which does not burn the lesions, but kills the bacteria that causes acne to proliferate. Without knowing the laser/light treatment you had and exactly why you had it, it is hard to say what happened. You must treat the areas very carefully as the skin is now healing.  

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Tattoo Removal -- Side Effects

Please post pictures for further assessment and treatment advice. Blistering is fairly common after laser tattoo removal. If you are concerned, I suggest returning to your dermatologist for evaluation. Best, Dr. Emer

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