My nasal bones look pretty deviated. I got a septorhinoplasty and for whatever reason, my surgeon didn't center them? (Photo)

Is the key to solving the asymmetry in my nose realigning my nasal bones. I also have terrible post nasal drip and still have some issues breathing, so I'm wondering if it would help these issues too. In the photo, I'm stretching the skin to more easily show the bones.

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Deviated Nasal Bones

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Your nasal bones are indeed a bit deviated toward the left side. This often occurs because of incomplete fractures (osteotomies) at the time of surgery, which don't allow full mobilization of the nasal bones. The solution is to ask your surgeon about the timing of a secondary procedure to revise the osteotomies in order to achieve straightening of the upper third of the nose. Your restricted breathing should be evaluated with a thorough examination. There are many causes of reduced nasal breathing including normal post-operative swelling that can take weeks or months to resolve.  Post nasal drip after rhinoplasty also has several causes, including a subset of patients that experience unexplained rhinitis for a period of time following rhinoplasty. You should discuss all of these concerns with your doctor. Best wishes.

Deviated nasal bones

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Thank you for your question and photograph.You will need a revision rhinoplasty with a nasal osteotomy to realign the bones. Post-nasal drip will usually resolve in about a year. I hope this helps!
Best of luck in your recovery!

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Deviated nasal bones post septorhinoplasty

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Hello,Thanks for your question and pictures.  Depending on how far out from surgery you are, there may still be some normal postoperative swelling in the nose.  If you are beyond 1 year out from surgery, then you may need osteotomies to rebreak your left nasal bones.  For nasal breathing issues, it is best to see a facial plastic surgeon to see if they can determine the cause of the obstruction in the nose.  Best of luck!

Crooked nasal bones

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Thanks for sharing your photo. How far removed are you from surgery? The reason I ask is that sometimes in the immediate post-op period there can appear to be asymmetry, but as swelling subsides, so too does the imbalanced look. Based on your photo, however, it seems your nasal bones are not symmetric and osteotomies would be necessary to reposition the bones. Regarding your breathing, an in-person exam is needed to determine what your airway looks like. Best sure to consult with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Good luck!

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