Will my breast gain volume once my implants "drop"? 13 days post.

Pre Op: 5'9 ... 135 pounds... 34B 380CC SALINE HIGH PROFILE Just tried on a 36D- I'm NOT FILLING IT OUT.... My surgeon said my implants are "high" at 13 days post (need to drop into place. Will gain volume in my breast. Are the implants fully underneath my breast now- Or does "riding high" mean the "puffiness" that I have up to my collar bone is JUST swelling? Is my breast it's full size? If my breast how it is now- is its new full size or will I continue to LOSE volume as swelling subsides

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High implants after breast augmentation

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I agree with your surgeon that you implants are high.  I hope he has you in a band to help push them down.  It will likely take a few months to normalize and reach their final position, but I do think they will.   A band across the top will help push the implants down so that the implants "drop" faster. 

Currently your breast volume is sitting above your bra.  This is why you are not filling out a "D" cup size.  I would be that when the implants drop, you will fill out that bra.  

Be patients, ask your surgeon about a band if you are not currently using one. 

Midlothian Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Enhancement Surgery

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If anything your breast will lose volume as they settle because the swelling will come down and the skin and muscle will be closer to the implant giving a more realistic look of what your long term results will be

Will my breast gain volume once my implants "drop"? 13 days post.

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Your implants are very high and will drop over the next 3-6 months. I believe that the implants need to drop to get a true cup size so just wait at this time. You should lose very little size at this point.

Implants and settling

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At twelve days the implants are high and they will settle into the pocket over the  next few months. This will fill the bra out more.

Steven Wallach, MD
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