Mixed ethnicity bulbous tip. (Photo)

I am Asian and Caucasian. I am considering tip refinement. I have seen some people that have had the surgery with very little change and I have seen some people have significant improvement. I am posting some pictures of my nose as well as a before and after photo that I like. Is it possible for me to get the results that I am looking for?

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Mixed Ethnicity and Bulbous Tip

You do not have a bulbous tip but it can be narrowed and refined as you are requesting. Your expectations are very realistic. Consult with an experienced rhinoplasty specialist.

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Bulbous tip and Asian nose

The bulbous tip in the situation is more because of increased cartilage in the right supratip area.  There is some asymmetry along with the bulbosity.  Small amount of cartilage can be removed from that area with removing extra cartilage in the right supratip area to achieve symmetry.  You can achieve a very good result and refinement with tip plasty.
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Bulbous tip?

 The limited photographs show some mild asymmetry in the bridge line of the nose, and No bulbous tip present.

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Your nasal tip could be refined. The images  you provide are not optimal .I think it would be useful to use computer imagining in your case  so you can see what changes would do to your nose as opposed to finding a photo of a  nose you like and asking can I look like a photo of another person .

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Rhinoplasty Tip Work

Thank you for your question.
With the pictures provided, it is not easy to assess the nose and the result you would like.  I recommend consulting with a surgeon who can do a full evaluation of the nose and discuss your options in detail.  Some offices have computer simulation, so rather than finding noses on other people, you can see what your own nose would look like (and if you don't like a certain aspect, you can communicate that to the surgeon and they can fix that attribute before your eyes; it's a great communication tool with patients).  We have the Vectra system, which we have found very helpful for this purpose.

Best of luck!
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