Miradry Help-Question on why MiraDry doesn't work for me?

When I am super hot/commuting to work/in a nervous situation my armpits sweat like I never got miradry. However, I am currently sitting at my desk with my hands/feet profusely sweating and my armpits are bone dry. THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN if I didn't have miradry. My armpits would be dripping. Do you think since its a neurological issue that when I am not stressed/in a hot environment but having a "sweating episode" Miradry works? Should I get a third treatment?

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Still sweating?

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The activity of the sweat glands can be assessed with a test in the office. You may very well have hyperhidrosis and i'm not sure you would benefit from a third episode of MiraDry. It does sound like it's partially successful, however. The best thing to do now is to discuss your concerns with your physician and see what the next step may be for you. Best, Dr. ALDO

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I would recommend following up with your provider and discussing these concerns with him/her. A starch-iodine text can be done to check the activity of your sweat glands.  A third treat may or may not be beneficial.  It is better assessed in person and discussed with a professional. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Grant Stevens, MD
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MiraDry causing compensatory sweating in the palms - rare occurrence

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I have done miraDry since 2011 and have treated hyperhidrosis since 1999. I have never seen compensatory sweating present in the palmoplantar area after ANY type of procedure for underarm hyperhidrosis, whether it is suction curettage, sympathectomy or Botox.

It is typical for patients to have combination hyperhidrosis in the palmoplantar AND axillary areas. 

I have read on this forum 2 patients who have developed compensatory sweating in the lower body after miraDry. These were not my patients. This is a very rare event considering the thousands of miraDry procedures being done yearly. 

However, if it is making your palmar sweating worse, don't get another miraDry treatment. 

Hratch L Karamanoukian MD 

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Sweat after MiraDry

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Thank you for your question. It is not guaranteed that you will have no sweat/odor after having 1 MiraDry treatment. There are certainly variables with each treatment, each patient, as well as each doctor performing your MiraDry. It sounds like you have definite results from your treatment, you may just need evaluation and possibly a second treatment.  I would return to your healthcare provider and have a starch iodine test under your arms. This can better determine your active sweat glands (if any). Good luck!#sweataftermiradry  #sweatingepisodes #neurologicalissues


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Thank you for your question.It does appear that the Miradry procedure has worked for you but you still have some active sweat glands. Even just a few sweat glands can produce a lot of sweat. There are tests such as the starch-iodine test which your practitioner can use to locate your active sweat glands before you have another Miradry treatment.Good luck

Chien C. Kat, FRCS
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Based on the description of your symptoms, it seems that you have had benefit from Miradry treatment, however as you are still sweating at times, I would recommend an additional treatment.  Make sure that your treatment is being performed on the highest setting for the entire armpit. This does require using the newer high volume anesthesia technique for increased protection of the underlying nerves and then setting changes on the device.  I hope this helps!Dr. Quenby Erickson

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