For very mild ptosis, is a posterior approach best?

I have very mild ptosis on my right eye. It is not easily visible but it bothers me in pictures. I occasionally model and it comes through then. I've read all kinds of approaches on here - for a young female with very mild ptosis, would a posterior approach be the best option? I've read something about the eyelashes not being corrected and anchor blepharoplasty having to be done at the same time. Is this always necessary?

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Mild ptosis

The best approach for mild ptosis is the approach which your carefully selected surgeon is most comfortable with.  I am personally aware of many excellent surgeons who could provide you with a superb results using either an anterior OR a posterior approach to ptosis repair.

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Mild ptosis

If you have no issues with excess skin (redundancy) and the ptosis is mild, a posterior approach may be a good option. A conjunctivomullerectomy involves the resection of a small amount of tissue from the underside of the eyelid and will raise the upper eyelid margin position. You can be tested in the office with drops to see if and by how much the eyelid would rise with surgery. It's a nice, predictable procedure. Make sure to see an oculoplastic surgeon who is experienced in this technique. Good luck!

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