I'm a Mexican woman who wants rhinoplasty. I've heard Latino noses are difficult to shape. Can someone recommend a good surgeon?

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Latino Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is personalized for each patient to make a nose that fits their face and improves the things that they don't like about their nose.  Examination of skin thickness, bone structure and cartilage thickness all factor into every patient consultation.  It is hard to generalize about an entire race or ethnic group as there is an entire  spectrum of nose types.  Your surgeon should be able to inform you of the possible outcomes based on your anatomy and skin thickness. 

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I've heard Latino noses are difficult.

There are many ethnic variations to rhinoplasty and much can depend on your particular skin type and thickness and of course your goal in rhinoplasty. For example your nose might benefit from a tip graft to help with projection and definition. Office consultation is often complimentary and this can help you begin to gain information and understanding about the procedure.

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Dear mmarti17, An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon has expertise in many different ethnicities as our client base has a broad range of patients from many different backgrounds. During consultation when digital imaging is performed the surgeon takes into consideration the patients skin thickness and anatomy and can show you a proposed result keeping these in mind. Review the surgeons before and after photographs and look for noses similar to yours to ensure the surgeon performs natural looking rhinoplasty results. To see some examples of ethnic rhinoplasty results see the link below and the video above. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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You can start by looking on line at the ASPS or ASAPS websites for a surgeon in your area. Best of luck.

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It is not difficult to perform a rhinoplasty in a Latina there are some issue that may be present that may alter the final result.The first thing to note is there is a tremendous variety in the skin types of Latinos.The skin varies from thick( more Indian influence) to thin ( more Spanish influence) and this will influence the final result.Also the nasal shapes are very different and that will alter the final result.

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Latino Rhinoplasty

It is not that Latino noses are harder per se but there are considerations of the expectations the aesthetic result and the thickness of the skin that must be considered. 

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Rhinoplasty candidate for Latino nose

A full set of photographs are required to make  a  determination about what can and cannot be accomplished. Many Latino noses have very thick skin in the tip of the nose, which will prevent significant refinement in that area. The dorsal hump can be shaved down, the tip refined, and the bridge narrowed with all  of the incisions placed on the inside of the nose,which is also known as a closed rhinoplasty approach. For more information and many examples, please see the video and the link below

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