How long should I wait before second surgery for crooked nose? (photos)

I had a really bad Brooken nose so an ENT doc did a surgery 2 weeks after the accident... But I'm so unhappy whit the results on my nose everytime I ask the doc how my nose would look after it gave me answer like she couldn't promise me anything ... And ni nose bridge and tip its Soooo low and wide plllzzzzz help what can I do the best to look like before to look normal this its so depressing ...... And what's the best doctors in Chicago area where I can go for option.... !!!

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Re alignment

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How long ago was your surgery? Typically it is best to wait until all post-operative swelling ang softening of the tissues has occurred before attempting revision. This can be months after surgery.

How long to wait for resetting the crooked nose

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It is acceptable to wait a few months after the original procedure before going in and resetting the nasal bones. Medial and lateral osteotomies of the nasal bones will be required in addition to a cast placed across the bridge line. Expect 2 weeks of bruising and swelling after the procedure. Important to make sure the swelling has subsided before re-addressing the crooked nose. Look for an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for best results. 

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Success of closed nasal reduction in improving nasal appearance

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After suffering trauma sufficient enough to break your nose, several parts of your nasal anatomy can be altered.  The most obvious is the bone, but less obvious is the septum and the cartilaginous framework of your nose.  In the first 2 weeks after suffering a broken nose, the best surgical option is to attempt to re-align the nasal bones.  However, this does not address the additional injury to the septum and cartilage you may have sustained.  This is successful in avoiding an additional operation around 60% of the time.  

Based on your photos, you've lost quite a bit of height to your dorsum (bridge) and this is contributing to the wide, low appearance.  The soonest you could safely consider rhinoplasty is 6 months after a closed nasal reduction, and 1 year after a rhinoplasty.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Broken Nose

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You did not list how long ago your nose was repaired. I would wait four to six months prior to secondary corection of a nasal fracture in most cases. In some cases the correction may be performed earlier.

How long to wait to reoperate after broken nose?

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It sounds like you had a procedure to reset the nasal fracture that was not fully successful.  If nothing was done to the tip, usually you can reoperate in about 3 months, and address your other concerns as well.  If a complete rhinoplasty was done you need to wait a year to leat all the swelling to disappear from the tip   All your concerns should be able to be addressed in a straight forward procedure.

African American Rhinoplasty

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In general it's advisable to wait until the swelling has resolved before undergoing a revision. For cosmetic rhinoplasty, the answer is 9-12 months. Assuming you had a fracture and a reduction (not a cosmetic rhinoplasty) the swelling may resolve sooner (less surgical dissection). It's reasonable to undergo a cosmetic rhinoplasty to improve the appearance when the swelling is resolved. 3 months would be reasonable in your case . I would recommend a rib cartilage graft and nasal base surgery to improve the appearance.  If your interested in seeing before and afters of a similar African American nose you can call my office.


David Shifrin, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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