How long does Juvaderm last in lips?

I read online that Juvaderm can last up to 8 months but then friends have told me theirs lasted only 2 or even 3 months!

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Depends on how fast your body metabolizes the product

Juvederm lasts 6-9 months when used for lip enhancement, although it can be metabolized faster by some patients. It can also last longer! 

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Up to 6 months is standard

Injectable fillers used for lip augmentation typically average out to about a 4-6 month life span. Some patients may need a touch-up as early as month 3, while others can see results that last 8 months or more. It really depends on the way your body responds to the product, the skillfulness of your injector and other factors, such as whether you’ve had filler previously in your lips. Also, JUVÉDERM® used for lip augmentation doesn’t tend to last as long as when used in other areas of the face. For longer-term results, you may want to consider implants rather than ongoing maintenance treatments with dermal fillers.

Longevity of filler products

The body starts to absorb filler products as soon as they are injected. It is a slow progressive process. Most fillers last around 6-9 months but this depends on the site injected, placement of the product, the amount of product initially used, and the physiology of the patient. I would say 6 months is average, but you may notice continued improvement for months after that.

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How Long Does Juvederm Last in Lips?

Juvederm can last in the lips from anywhere from 6 months to more in some; in others it can last less. There are several reasons for this – one is the experience level of the injector and insuring the proper placement of the product. For this reason, we always suggest that you have these injections performed in office of board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons as they understand the most about the anatomy of the lips and the proper placement of this and other HA products. Second, the lips are dynamic – we use them regularly everyday – some more than others. We begin to degrade these products after they are injected and areas of constant movement resolve the HA’s faster than in other areas. We are all different here so it is not possible to give a precise time line for how long any HA lasts in the lips – again the skill level of the provider is key to assure that best possible placement, and the best possible results.

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Result do vary from person to person but the majority of our patients will normally see results last around 8 months to 1 year.  I prefer to inject Juvederm Ultra Plus in the lips to give a little more volume.

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Juvederm longevity

Thanks for your question.  Juvederm starts to be absorbed by the body the day it is injected.  Many patients will still see some improvement in their lip volume for 8 months or longer, but this does not mean their lips will look as full as they did only a few weeks after the injection.  Some people will choose to have touchup injections long before the last dose is completely absorbed.

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Juvederm longevity in lips varies somewhat

Juvederm XC is a wonderful and smooth, clear hyaluronic acid gel filler that works very well for lip augmentation and delineation of lip landmarks such as vermillion borders, philtral ridges,etc. I prefer the regular Juvederm XC over the Ultra XC as I consider it more versatile overall. It may last up to 1 year in the lips, but results do vary from patient to patient. Injections should be performed conservatively and molding at the time of injection helps to achieve a symmetric natural result.

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Juvederm and Lip Injections

Juvederm is a fantastic filler for the lips.  The length of time that any filler lasts depends not only on the filler and where it is placed but also the amount of filler that is injected.  Juvederm generally lasts 9 months in a given area.  For the best cosmetic results and choice of product for lip injections please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with lip injections.

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How long does Juvederm last in lips?

Juvederm is a family of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used to enhance the lips as well as improve facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds. It typically lasts in the 6-9 month range, but can last more or less depending on the individual. 

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Juvederm usually lasts about 6-8 months depending. everyone is different. you may want to consult with your doctor to see what filler is better for you 

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