Please help, I can't live like this anymore: Unidentified bump on my nose after revision rhinoplasty. (photos)

I had revision rhinoplasty in Feb. As the swelling in my tip started to go down, a large, hard bump revealed itself. It sits right above a spot on my tip where my doc caused a buttonhole. Each time I visit my doc he acknowledges the bump & has even injected 2 steroid shots into it, but has yet to explain what it actually is. I asked if it was cartilage (because he took cartilage from my ear) but he said he didn't use it there. Any ideas what this bump could be? I can't live like this anymore!

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Consider getting a second opinion about the bump on your tip after revision rhinoplasty.

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You appear to have thin skin which tends to reveal more irregularities after rhinoplasty as compared to those with thicker skin types. Your thin skin may have been why your surgeon experienced a buttonhole during your surgery.

If the bump feels hard, it may be cartilage. If it's soft, it may be scar tissue, and scar tissue may improve with dilute steroid injections. Since two steroid injections didn't help, consider getting a second opinion, since further steroid injections may lead to further thinning of your skin.

Wishing you all the best moving forward. Dr Joseph

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Unidentified bump on my nose after revision rhinoplasty.

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Its difficult to say what this is without examining it.. however based on your story, it may be a hypertrohic scar from the button hole, that should flatten with steroids. If its calcified or extra cartilage, then steroids wont help and needs to be removed.



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