Lip Lift & Lower lip Vy plasty; What techniques will give the best result and be safest?

I had lip lift & lower lip vy plasty= zero results EXCEPT a bad scar underneath nose & lump of scar tissue inside lower lip. Lower lip feels thinner, & numb. (after 2yrs). Getting both revised are a must, lasers haven't helped lip lift scar. I've seen different techniques: suturing/hemming/vs skin only. What will make scar not fall over time and must look natural. Lower lip. Safe to cut in area 2nd time? Thanks for any and all advice based on description, unable to upload pics at moment.

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Revision lip lift

Lip lift can be performed a second time and indeed I have patients coming in to get exactly that-either because they were unhappy with the results in terms of aesthetics, longevity, scars or symmetry.  The same thing goes for V-Y plasties. V-Y plasties can be performed over previous ones and vascularity generally is not an issue. They need to be performed strategically, both in terms of internal location within the mouth as well as designing them with the appropriate width and advancement.

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