Lines/grooves under eyes. What is going on here? (Photos)

I have always had slight creases under eyes. Lately they have rapidly been increasing and multiplying into multiple and have a pink irritated and shiny quality to them like. They don't look like regular lines/wrinkles that I have seen on anybody else. They are in areas where skin folds up. I'm 41 years old, recently lost about 30lbs which has left my eyes looking hollow. There's itching and watering to my eyes and puffiness that comes and goes. I'm alarmed at how rapidly worse this is getting!

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Under eye Lines

Dear SL16:

Looking at your photos, the fine lines underneath your eyes are crying out for hydration and moisture.  I would recommend filling of your tear trough with Teosyal Redensity II as well as usage of a daily moisturizer along with use of maintenance topical retinols.  Hope this information is helpful.  Best wishes.

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