Juvederm & Restylane don't do much--What amount will it take?

Less is not more sometimes! I would be ok w/ a doc being 100% realistic w/ me and saying "what you want to achieve will take 4 syringes and cost you $2,500" rather than just inject 1 syringe and tell me to "not get too crazy!" I've attached a picture of lips that I think are GREAT. I will admit they are very large and some might find them too big, but I want a *realistic* answer from a doctor about how many syringes it would take to achieve this look.

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Everyone is different

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The fillers that you have mentioned sometimes have unpredictable results.   Some patients get so much swelling from one syringe, they would never think about doing more. Others like you do not see the lasting results with small volumes. I think you are independently learning that to meet your expectations, it will require a lot more volume. You are still getting the proper fillers, so it's just a matter of putting in more.  Best of luck

El Paso Dermatologist

Juvederm and Lips

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Lips are a great area to inject to enhance your features. The amount of Juvederm depends on how thin your lips are to start. It will take at least two syringes to have lips that full. For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with Juvederm. 

Amount of Juvederm/Restylane to achieve lip augmentation results

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You seem to have a good understanding of your goals/expectations. We do not know at what point you are starting so we can not properly guide you on the number of syringes to achieve your goals. Consult with 3 experienced and expert physician injectors to understand your options. As a new patient, the inclination of many top injectors is to inject some and observe the results in you. More can always be added. If you do not have the patience for this process, clearly define your expectation during the consultation process.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm & Restylane

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  Both of these are HA fillers with incredible safety records.  They are a wonderful choice for lip augmentation.  that said, they don't last that long and are not of great value, in my opinion.  There are other options for long lasting lip augmentation, including lip implants and Silikon 1000. 

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Great Lips

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It sounds like you haven't found the right doctor for you.  The lips in the photo are awesome.  Lip augmentation can be very rewarding.  Fillers can augment what you have been given genetically.  The key is to create a natural fuller version of your own lip.  One of the down falls with fillers is trying to do too much with one syringe.  It's like trying to paint an entire house with one can of paint.  I think the key for you would be to find an expert injector who you can trust and is a good listener.  They can advise you as to what reasonable expectations are.  Good Luck!

Jerome Potozkin, MD
Danville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Juvederm & Restylane don't do much--What amount will it take?

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A photo showing your starting point would be helpful in providing you with an estimate of how much Juvederm or Restylane will be required to create fuller lips seen in the photo you've posted. If you think you're ready for 4 syringes of filler, don't be disappointed if it takes fewer than 4 syringes to reach your goal. Even thin lips can achieve significant fullness with 2 to 3 syringes. Thank you for sharing your question. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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How many syringes to get these lips

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Well, it depends on what you are starting with. You posted a photo of what you want them to look like "after" but I have no idea what you are starting with, or even if you have the same general shape of the lips. So, if you can post a pre-photo, that would sure help us give you a *realistic* answer on how many syringes you need....

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There are many reasons why a doctor might have told you to go with 1 syringe and wait for the results.

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There are many reasons why a doctor might have told you to go with 1 syringe and wait for the results. A photo of your lips would help to provide an accurate answer. Perhaps bring a photo with you to a consultation and ask if the desired look is obtainable for your anatomy.  


Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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