Jaw reduction for a square jaw shape. Botox in jaw chicago area? Looking asap.

interested in rates and details for a non surgical jaw reduction for a trans female with a square jaw . i look young but im 18 :)

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Feminizing the lower face

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The masseter is a deeper and larger muscle than most botox injectors treat, so you probably want to have an actual surgeon do it.  There are a few dentists that inject botox as well, and this may be an area where most of them probably feel comfortable treating.  The procedure is very safe, but an experienced injector will ensure the best result.  I'll bet a quick google search will turn up several in the Chicago area.  You can call their office to confirm they do masseter injections before you make the trip.  Most physicians will start with about 20 units of botox (multiply by about 3 for Dysport) on each side.  Most injectors also charge by unit so you can ask their price per unit and multiply by 40 or 50 to estimate the cost.  Good luck! 

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Minneapolis Otolaryngologist
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