Is IPL treatment safe to use on the bikini area? Can it cause complications for conception or affect my fertility?

Shortly after the first time I used the IPL on my bikini area, to treat the razor bumps scars/dark blemishes that won't go away, I began to bleed, which turned to a full period. That was strange as I just had my period 2 weeks before. I just now started treating the area again and now I am having some heavy bleeding again; just a week after the last time. I do notice that I get some cramping while and after I treat my bikini area, so I feel the bleeding is caused by the treatment.

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Can IPL treatment affect fertility?

Hi Mousme.  There is no evidence either way to suggest that IPL or laser treatments could affect fertility because studies have not been conducted to this affect.  But since lasers and IPL are non-mutagenic (non-cancer causing) light based energy, it's very unlikely that what you are experiencing is related to your treatments or that the treatment would effect your ability to conceive.

We would recommend you see your OBGYN for the bleeding.  Good luck. 

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