Can IPL may cost redness, swelling of the face ?

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Redness with IPL

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With IPL you can expect redness to the area for about 1-2 days. The energy from the laser can slightly irritate the skin causing the redness and swelling. Hydrocortisone cream to area after the procedure can help minimize that in conjunction with ice. 

Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon

IPL and Swelling - Combination approach with Fraxel and/or microneedling/PRP

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IPL causes swelling and redness, I find that fraxel is better for long term antiaging.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Redness and swelling after IPL treatment

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In a word, yes! IPL lasers are used to reduce red or brown pigment in the skin. I find that redness and swelling are more common when treating for reds than when treating for browns, because more energy is used in those treatments. The redness and swelling usually peak within 24-48 hours, but can go on for several days. This is considered relatively normal. I tell my patients to use cool compresses, and Benadryl. However, if you have any crusting, or oozing, you should be seen by your provider because this can be a sign of burn injury to the skin.

Flora Waples, MD
Denver Physician

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Redness and Swelling can be side effects of IPL

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A mild sunburn-like sensation is expected after IPL treatment.    This usually lasts two to twenty-four hours but can persist up to seventy-two hours.  Mild swelling and/or redness may accompany this, but it usually resolves in two to three days.  Apply wrapped ice or get packs to the treatment area for ten to fifteen minutes every hour for the next four hours, as needed.  Never apply ice directly to skin.  An oral, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen such as Advil) or an analgesic (acetaminophen such as Tylenol) may be taken to reduce discomfort.  Use medicine according to manufacturer's recommendations.

Redness and swelling after IPL

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Thank you for your question leerika. IPL treatments work well to treat sun damage and redness. After an IPL photofacial treatment some patients may experience redness and swelling. This usually lasts a few days. I recommend that my patients apply cold compresses like ice packs for comfort. Please follow up with your doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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