Are my incisions infected? (Photos)

I had my Brest implant surgery one week ago today, (in the crease) yesterday was the first time I looked at my incisions and I started to panic. I took a picture and zoomed in and saw dark red dried blood and what looks to be a yellow substance. Do these incisions look ok? Or do they look as bad as I think they do?

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they look normal to me, but you paid somebody a lot of money to have this done.   go follow up.............

Newark Plastic Surgeon

Incisions concern

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Thank you for your question. Based on the picture everything looks healing well without concerns. Please follow up with your PS

Are my incisions normal

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If you are concerned about your incisions you should call your plastic surgeon and make an appointment to see him/her. The things to be concerned about when it comes to possible infection is if you notice pain at the incision site or the breast that is getting worse with time and not better; if you notice redness, warmth and drainage of pus. Systemic signs of infection can include but are not limited to fever, chills, nausea vomiting etc... It is difficult to tell the status of the incisions from the pictures you have posted. Commonly, after breast augmentation, one may notice some dried blood on the dressing and this is normal as long as the amount is not excessive. I hope this helps!
Ankur Mehta MD

Are my incisions infected?

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Please return to your operating surgeon for an in-person examination to determine if your incisions are healing normally or if you are developing an infection. Some of the first signs and symptoms of an infection can be redness, swelling, warm tissue at, or surrounding the incision site, fever and so forth. If your having any of these you should get an appointment as soon as possible. Best of Luck.

Are my breast implant incisions infected?

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Please see your plastic surgeon for an examination in person to determine if you have a problem with your incisions.  It is impossible to diagnose an infection without any examination and when the incisions are covered with Steri-Strips.

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