I wanted to get this birth mark removed; I was looking for a surgeon? (Photos)

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Tattoo Lasers for Birthmark Removal

This can be treated with pico or q switched lasers but needs an expert and metal eye shields need to be placed for protection. I recommend getting a formal evaluation with a laser expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Tissue Expander Reconstruction

It is hard to make a definite diagnosis from the pictures but it appears that you have what is called a giant hairy nevus.  The lesion should be followed by a physician, as sometimes skin cancers can develop within the lesion.  Lasers and dermabrasion can be performed to provide some improvement but it is unlikely to have complete resolution of the discoloration.  The best option to remove the most of the birthmark would be to remove it in stages.  Most likely a tissue expander (balloon) would be used to expand the skin on the unaffected face and use the expanded skin to cover the area that has been removed.  

Cristen Catignani, MD
Alpharetta General Surgeon
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