I had silicone injections when I was 22 & now I'm having burning sensations in my butt. Please help! (Photo)

I regret having silicone injections ,I don't act like myself anymore, whenever I take the bus there not one person taking a double look ......... I need a great plastic surgeon who has dealt with silicone removal in Chicago am so disgusted with myself I wish I can die!not being able to enjoy things with my 2kids has made me depress Am now 8weeks pregnant and I feel ugly with this thing in my face!

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Removal of silicone and biopolimero from the buttocks

Our office specializes in the removal and reconstruction of soft tissue related to the injection of liquid silicone. We have removed silicone from the face and body with outstanding success.  This allows patients to resume their normal lives without the interference of the silicone inflammation.  During your consultation, a careful examination of the soft tissue is required to determine whether the removal is safe.  Not all patients are candidates for surgical removal.   Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS Plastic Surgery, Los Angeles

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