I will be having a rhinoplasty soon to reposition my nasal bones in the center. Will this affect the placement of my septum?

I had a septorhinoplasty performed 2 years ago, May 2014. I hope this rhinoplasty will get rid of my post nasal drip too.

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Rhinoplasty to reposition the nasal bones

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A rhinoplasty can accomplish repositioning the nasal bones to be more narrow or straight, which is accomplished with  medial and lateral osteotomy's placed in them. A rhinoplasty will not address the issue with the septum. As septoplasty is performed in the back of the nose to improve airflow when there is twisted bone and cartilage blocking airflow. A septoplasty and a rhinoplasty will not get rid of postnasal drip. Postnasal drip is treated medically, not surgically. For more information  and many examples,  please see the link and the video below

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Nasal bones

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If your septum is midline, then aligning you bones in the  midline will not impact your septum significantly. It will unlikely help your nasal drip.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty and nasal bone vs septum position

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Osteotomies are controlled breaks of the nasal bone performed in rhinoplasty to adjust the position of the nasal bones. This may be for the purpose of narrowing the bones or making them straighter in appearance.The septum runs down the middle of the inside of the nose, separating the right and left nasal cavities.  The nasal bones and the septum may be changed individually or together. It all depends on the surgeon's plan. I recommend asking your surgeon specifically about the goals of the surgery. Surgery does not help post-nasal drip. Oral decongestants can help if you have no issues with your heart or blood pressure. Ask your surgeon before starting any medications. Safety comes first. 

Victor Chung, MD
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Septum position

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Unless if your surgeon specifically discussed performing a septoplasty at the time of surgery, correction of nasal bone position will not impact the position of your septum. Be sure to discuss this issue with your surgeon prior to surgery. Nasal bone repositioning alone will likely not correct your post nasal drip; however, if your septum is repaired, you could see improvement. Good luck!

Mark Been, MD
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Unless you have had specific discussions with your surgeon regarding your septum it would not be addressed at the surgery.

Rhinoplasty vs septoplasty

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Hello! It would be best to have a discussion with your surgeons about your expectations. A rhinoplasty typically does not impact the position of the septum unless the surgeon performs a septoplasty at the same time. Your post nasal drip may or may not be impacted by rhinoplasty, but usually is caused by other reasons- allergies, turbulent airflow through the nose, etc, and may not be impacted by the surgery. If you have specific desires or expectations they should be fully addressed with your surgeon prior to proceeding to ensure your expectations are realistic and you are pleased with the end result. Good luck!

Catherine Winslow, MD
Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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